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How's My Driving?

Leave all questions, comments and concerns here. If you'd rather not interact with him because he's underage in [community profile] lagunbiru please feel free to let me know here or by sending a PM.

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"It's your power!"

At home Shouto is one of the top students in Izuku's class. He's smart, strong and basically hit the quirk genetic lottery. They didn't really become friends until after the UA sport fest, where Izuku couldn't resist meddling. Shouto refused to use half his powers, while everybody else was giving their all. Izuku couldn't stand it and thus a life long friendship was born.
In game, he's Izuku's third shinki and the one that's been with him the longest. Recently he's gotten memories of Izuku back. Izuku's now dealing with romantic feelings for him that he's trying to keep to himself.
Really though he's incredibly obvious, and the only thing that's saving him is Shouto's obliviousness.


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"A hero is somebody who can smile when saving everyone!"

Hajime was one of the first people he met when he first arrived in the Far Shore. She's bubbly, energetic, enthusiastic and sweet. A person who marches the the beat of her own drum. He's pretty sure she might be a walking force of nature.

Izuku first bonded with her over heroes!


[profile] imprintmemory

"Even if you weren't before, you are now, since you're also looking out for him. That's the whole big point of a partnership between god and shinki, isn't it?"

Izuku first met Lavi over the network when he asked about the library and if anybody would be willing to sort it out.


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"Then I'm sure you'll be a great hero, if you're putting that much consideration and work into it now."

Izuku first met Souji over the network pulling together study sessions. They aren't very close yet, but there's something about him...? He seems like the type Izuku could talk to if they got closer.

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Sorry, I can't come to the phone right now. Leave a message at the beep, thank you.
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CHARACTER NAME: Izuku Midoriya


Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes, but give me a heads up
Fourthwalling: No
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Not in particular. I don't like neck and wrist cuts/slashes.


Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Yes
Flirting with this character: Yes
Fighting with this character: Yes
Injuring this character (include limits and severity):
Chat me up on either plurk or discord if you'd like to do this.
Let's not break his arms! They're like two breaks away from becoming permanently numb.
Killing this character: Maybe! Chat me up.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, give me a heads up. Mind control will likely not work for One for All reasons that haven't been fully explained.

Warnings: He gets injured often. He cries way more.
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Midoriya Izuku [緑谷出久]
My Hero Academia
Chapter 102
Basic Info 
Midoriya "Deku" Izuku

  • Arrived: March 15, 2016 (IC), May 15, 2016 (OOC)
  • Game Deaths: 0
  • Followers: 33510

  • Age:16
  • Height:5'5" (166 cm)
  • Build: Fit and athletic. Muscles are lean but powerful.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Green, short, messy and curly.
  • Scars: His right hand is slightly mangled, like it's never healed properly. Both his arms have scars down them, more noticeable on his right arm.

  • Skillset: Trained combatant, rescue training, on the fly planning, super strength/speed/reflexes.
  • Power: Power Sharing. Izuku and one other person can use each other's powers as if they were their own. For example, Bakugou could use Izuku's One for All enhanced strength and Izuku could use Bakugou's explosions for the duration. However, it does come with the limitations of the power itself. If somebody isn't used to using One for All's strength, they run the risk of breaking bones on every use.
  • Quirk: One for All. It greatly improves a user's agility, speed and strength. The drawback is if somebody isn't used to the power they can overshoot and thus break their limbs. If somebody who isn't physically fit receives it they run the risk of exploding upon use.
  • Special Items: Cowherd Lucky Charm, Weaver Lucky Charm

  • God(dess): Aidos
  • Mythology: Greek
  • Domain: Shame, modesty, and humility.
Aidos, as a quality, was that feeling of reverence or shame which restrains men from wrong. It also encompassed the emotion that a rich person might feel in the presence of the impoverished, that wealth was more a matter of luck than merit.

Aidos's Dorms
    Surrounding the dorms is a moat of purified water. There is a well maintained wooden bridge that leads directly to the entrance. A large-scale dormitory with five floors. It's large and luxurious, with top class amenities. The first floor is a shared area, dining, bath, and laundry are found here. Every floor beside the first has eight bedrooms, four in each wing. Each bedroom comes with an AC unit, bathroom, refrigerator and closet. They also come with a desk, chair, bed. Every room has a veranda.

    ~ ~

Todoroki Shouto |
[personal profile] icyhot
Partnered: 4/25 (IC)
Shinki name: Kouki [轟]
Vessel: Combat vest
One of Izuku's best friends from home. He's strong, reliable and kind. Somewhat socially awkward. He wants to be a hero just as much as Izuku does. Seems to instinctively know whenever Izuku is in danger.
Demyx | [personal profile] sitarsongs
Partnered: 7/13 (IC)
Shinki name: Rakuki [楽]
Vessel: Sitar
A shinki not from home. Demyx was having trouble with his first god and broke of with him, Izuku offered a place for him in his own home.


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